lundi 25 mai 2009

Linux in the VMWare fusion (macosx)

I am since 3 years converted to the macosx... it gives me the power and freedom of unix (shell script, all gnu softwares, etc) and a superb interface with "must-have" softwares like photoshop, dreamweaver, flash, etc

... on another hand, it is good to continue to learn on linux as 99% of hosting providers are on linux. I recently had a look on a dedicated server ... linux!

then I installed the gentoo first (the one I know and I prefered few years ago), spent 2 days on it, and honestly disappointed of the long compile time...
then I installed (...just to see) a fedora 11 (preview) and a suse 11.1.
it was so fast, with a working KDE in 20 minutes !

then I tried to install the vmware-tools... a nightmare ! it doesn't compile on fedora 11, neither on suse 11.1 :-/

then I tried the fedora 10, and it worked perfectly in 2 minutes (d&d, resizable, shared folders) ... then I stay with the fedora.
-> It seems easier than the suse, I like the "yum" program.

The most funny thing is I installed KDE and gnome to compare, but gnome is better.
I am a unconditional fan of Qt and with a certain extent of KDE, but I should say that the KDE 4.1.2 is not really usable.
.... then I will stay with Gnome for now... waiting a good release of KDE :-)

Also I found that Linux in a VM is really excellent,
-> I can try without breaking anything -> snapshot / restore :-)

good work for redhat ! I was really amazed of the simplicity for installing their distribution.
(I probably become too old and go straight to the simplicity)

Good night!


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