dimanche 23 janvier 2011

libxml2 and readline

using libxml2-2.7.8 on mac os x but probably also on linux,
we surely want to have the history when using the interactive mode in xmllint (xmllint --shell)

so we need to re-compile from the sources. Well it should be simple normally.
but ./configure does give an option --with-readline ... but no chance, it doesn't work.

after being stuck for few days, I decided to have a look in configure.in
and there, I discovered the option --with-history ...

so the right command line is:
LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib" CFLAGS="-L/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/include/readline" ./configure --with-history

by default, I don't know why, it doesn't take the /usr/local directory to discover the existing libs.
so it is worth to add them. everything should work now.

Speak to you soon,