dimanche 29 janvier 2012

webkit Qt or cocoa?


I recently started the native development on mac os x, using objective-C and webkit.

I changed from using QtWebkit for the reason they have deprecated webkit1, moving to webkit2 with a totally different API, also only using QML. QML is still not mature for desktop application, and QtWidget is abandoned. QML is surely great but it is not really proven technology, which makes me reluctant to jump into it. I am then observing where they are going. I hope the best for Qt in general!

Back to Cocoa, I really enjoyed using objective-c and I was amazed how simple and how fast we can progress with webkit, making a bridge with javascript in few seconds. Just amazing!

I also initially thought that Apple missed a language like .NET but I was all wrong! they have objective-C and this is full speed native with C and C++, being also dynamic, what could we ask for more?
just amazing!

Best regards,