samedi 28 septembre 2013

python install without admin rights


I started recently some programming in python but I needed to install it first on a windows machine without admin rights.... but how to do it, many forums came to the "portable python" and it works, it is just outdated 3.2.x, and as a good programmer (sigh) I wanted to have the latest of course.

The procedure is actually very simple, just download the msi installer from and type the command:
> C:\development\apps>msiexec /a python-3.3.2.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\development\apps\python33

then python will be in the directory specified by TARGETDIR.

enjoy python!

but hold on a minute ... what about an editor?  komodo-edit for instance?

download and type:
> msiexec /a Komodo-Edit-8.5.0-13638.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\development\Apps\Komodo-Edit

enjoy python even more!

(as usual, let me know if it has been useful for you.)

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  1. Superb! I tried it with Python 3.4.1 amd64 on Windows 8, and this method still works!

  2. Cool, it works on my company's PC which is quite restrictive about who can install what. Thanks !

  3. It doesn't work for me (Windows Vista, trying to install Python 3.4.3). When launching the command, it asks for the admin password.

    NB: I try to install Python in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Python34.

  4. Excellent. So, how does this work? From documentation, I see that "/a" is for "administrative" installation and "/qb" is for basic UI. It doesn't exclude any packages.

    Also, is there a way this trick can be extended to exe files?

  5. It works! Python2.7.10

  6. Cool: works on Windows 7 64-bit:

    C:\Users\quirinius\Downloads>msiexec /a python-2.7.10.amd64.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\

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    1. Should add that they had removed the 'cd' command from DOS supposedly to keep people from changing to the local directory on VM, but was able to run from powershell: msiexec /a python-3.4.0.msi TARGETDIR=C:\apps\python

  8. Thanks Sylvain. It worked. I downloaded an older version 2.7. The command ran perfectly.

  9. Thanks a lot for this and saving my important time!

  10. Thank you. It works like a charm. I can build my solution in my office laptop without bordering those help desk people, which would give me headache.

  11. Excellent, It works for me, Thank you

  12. Worked for my with Python 2.7.12 on an admin restricted Win7, Merci !!

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  14. It does not work on my machine... Windows7/64 bit

  15. i type in cmd and saying accese deneied!
    (deos we have to type in cmd - > C:\development\apps>msiexec /a python-3.3.2.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\development\apps\python33 )
    not working help python 2v