jeudi 21 janvier 2016



It is a long time I did not blog.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BEST WISHES FOR 2016!

Recently I met Kotlin, a new language running on the JVM.

This new language is just fantastic, I love the extension functions and the not checked exception.

I like Java very much but I found more pleasure with Kotlin.

EDIT: note to JetBrains, please add Kotlin support for JavaFX, and fix the slowness issue with jOOQ, these are the 2 only points holding me to switch completely to kotlin. Actually I have a 3rd point: the try with closable objects, I use for now a kotlin construct "using" that I would prefer to see in the language or in the std lib.

EDIT2: all the points above have been fixed, we can now make controllers in kotlin for javafx, jooq is not longer that slow and the "use{}" is in the standard lib. However I propose another method (in one of my next post) that is more convenient if we have a lot of resources to close in order to avoid many nested .use{}